Drafting the Pre-Martial Agreement

Pre-Marital Agreements can offer additional peace of mind and financial security to the prospective spouses by removing anxiety or unpredictability about the future. Sometimes called Pre-Nuptial agreements, Pre-Marital agreements enable parties entering into a marriage to lay out, in advance, how issues such as property division and the payment of any future support will be handled in the event of a legal separation or divorce.

Attacking or Defending the Pre-Marital Agreement

We will perform a thorough analysis of your situation, including the potential costs and benefits of taking your case to court. Sometimes, it might be in your best interest to have us negotiate or mediate a fair settlement agreement, using the willingness of proceeding to a court trial as a powerful negotiating tool. Many people will be willing to negotiate an equitable settlement to keep these private matters out of court.

Of course, if settlement cannot be reached, the attorneys of Greenberg & Nguyen are experienced trial lawyers, ready to argue your case in court.

Family and Estate Planning

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