Las Vegas Child Custody Attorney

In Nevada, all child custody decisions are based on the “best interests” of the child. While this is commonly understood, many people do not know that every case involves two types of custody: Physical Custody and Legal Custody. Knowing the difference between these types of custody is essential to your case.

Physical Child Custody

Physical custody addresses where a child lives. A parent may be awarded primary physical custody, joint physical custody or visitation with his or her child. If a parent has primary physical custody, the other parent is the non-custodial parent with visitation rights.

Aside from defining where the child lives, physical custody orders have an impact on two other important areas: child support and a parent’s ability to relocate out-of-state with a child at a later date.

Legal Child Custody

Legal custody rights are based on every parent’s fundamental right to raise his or her child. Legal custody rights include the ability to have input (and to receive information) regarding your child’s medical treatment, religious upbringing and schooling.

Because legal child custody is based on a fundamental right, parents will be awarded joint legal custody of their children in most cases. However, where there are legitimate concerns for the health or safety of the child, courts may award sole legal custody to one parent .




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